Export GBXML file from Revit

Hi all,
I’m quite new to Dynamo. I am looking for a way to create and export Gbxml file of my revit model.
Is there a node or python script for that?

The method is readily accessible via the document class, so wouldn’t be that hard to put together: Export Method (String, String, GBXMLExportOptions)
You’ll also need a GBXML options object, which has a constructor here: GBXMLExportOptions Constructor
After your boiler plate template, try something like this (swapping everything after the `#inputs will be stored… line with the below:

outputDirectory = IN[0]
outputFileName = IN[1]
gbxmlOpts = GBXMLExportOptions()
doc.Export(outputDirectory, outputFileName, gbxmlOpts)
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Thank you very much!
It works!