Furniture schedule by room

Is der any way to make a furniture schedule by room…! …! there r so many furniture to add a parameter and make it …! can dynamo help in finding furniture within a specific room??

plz help…!

I want some thing like
Room -1
1. furn-1 2 counts
2.furn-2 1 count…
Room -2
1. furn-1 3 counts
2.furn-2 4 count…

You could type your keywords in the search field and find a long list of related threads like this one for instance:


This is very doable.

You have to collect furniture and group them by the key (from package rhythm)

Search for grouping casework by room location to help you out.

Also here is a quick graph @saju_autodesk (Element.Room is from Rhythm)


did that thank you all…!
now stuck with other problem i Want to bring two elements to same schedule ,…! “furniture
” and “system furniture” are in seperate schedule is there a way to combine them into one with room name or number,??? plz help

this should help :wink:


not sure if Iam not getting it…! can u plz explain …! I need both furniture and furniture schedule in one schedule grouped by room number…!

Finally did with multi category schedule on revit itself …! thanks a lot…guys…!

My pleasure , have a great day :slight_smile:

Now have another problem,…! Der r furniture placed on multiple rooms and revit shows a void or null value on the schedule for room coloumn…,
Is der a way to list all the rooms the single furniture is placed on ?

hi under what package can i find the Element.Room?

In package Rhythm as it is written in post 3.


Found it.
Thanks, missed that post.

Is that node renamed to “FamilyInstance.Room”?

or Iam i using some older package.?

I’m following Jean’s post but don’t know how to map the furniture’s into the room it belongs to. :frowning:

Yes, FamilyInstance.Room seems to be the new name of the node.

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@Revit_Noob could you elobrate the issue you are facing.? A snip may help.!

my snip would be the same as with @jean
i want to be able to count the number of furniture’s in a room…

Level | Number | Name | Furniture Name | Total |

I might not understand the issue but what I would do was:
Organize the furniture “types” and check if they were inside the rooms with:

Some thing like this…???

the node “Element.Room”