Dynamo - Scheduling multiple categories

Hi All, I need some dynamo help & assistance… but mainly help!

We have an FF&E model which contains a combination of items of furniture & fittings from the following categories:

  1. Generic models

  2. Furniture

  3. Furniture systems

  4. Specialty equipment

The task I have is to create a schedule of rooms and the furniture contained within each room. We have used ADB (Architectural Data Base) to populate the FF&E model with furniture and produced the associated C-Sheets. As well as some furniture created in other categories as above.

I have an FF&E model with the architecture linked into it so I’m running dynamo within the FF&E model and extracting the rooms from the linked-in arch model.

I’m basically teaching myself Dynamo and piecing together nodes to try and figure this out but I need some help.

If anyone can help or point me in the direction of relevant tutorials that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This entire post is right up your alley:

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the quick response. Just a quick glance at the script reminds me of the steep learning curve ahead!