Function [Imperative] inside Node

Hi everyone,
i am trying to make run a node that i created, ouside the node the function is working.

but inside, is not working.
Could someone help me? Maybe i did not set properly the input.
I also noticed that if I set the point the result is “null”, but i didn’t put any input the node is says Function.
But the problem is that the function is not working without the StartPoint

Many thanks

Hi @Elisabetta_Caterina ,

could you share your definition?


You’ll need to make sure that the node inputs reflect the function’s predefined input types. Therefore you should rename “GA row” to “GArow:var[]” and “StartPoint” to “StartPoint:var”.

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Thank you all,
actually i solved my problem just putting the Function and its definition in the same codeBlock.

But i’ll try also your method @Dimitar_Venkov