FromSolidDef Method

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I was wondering if using the FromSolidDef method when developing zero-touch nodes in C# is possible. I have tried without much luck. My goal is to draw a few shapes in Revit, store them as strings, and then use the FromSolidDef method to recreate them. This approach would be much easier than modelling the shapes directly in Dynamo.

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I can confirm it’s doable; You may have better luck with other methods though (i.e. SAT / SAB, where you just consume the path to the file in your zero touch node), depending on your geometry type.

Ahh thanks Jacob. I will give this a go.

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It posible, just remember is you need to import library before use FromSolidDef

using Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry


Yes I did so. It does not work.

can share what you did ?