Free Ideas and solution from BIMhex

Dear all,

I think it’s time to share the knowledge that i have learned !

Finally i have finished building my website that includes solutions, workflows and ideas for Revit, which all built using Dynamo and Python. please take time to visit the website and don’t hesitate to ask or contact me over any shared subject.

What you will find there?

1- Filter Form for Revit.

2- Best practice for Clash Detection (Revit/Navis/Dynamo).

3- Auto Joining between Elements in Revit.

4- Free your Revit model from duplicated Elements.

and more coming soon so keep trending.

Mohammad Nawar


that is great and useful , good luck mohammad, :+1:

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Thank you @khuzaimah.ElecEng ,means a lot and i hope will be useful for you.

Thank you very much for your effort.

I tried clash detection script getting error in “collect elements in model” python script. Plz help me

Hi @karthi1015

I am glad that you tried my workflow and for sure i can help.

The mentioned issue i have two things in my mind eathir you didn’t build the graph in the correct way or you have missing package. But before judging can you send snapshot for the error that you are facing.