Formula from Excel-Sheet with variables


i would like to import a formula from a Excel-Sheet with two variables:

I try to do somethin like this:

Further, I want to use a other excel-sheet to assign specific values to the variables v and K1. The problem is that I can not assign values directly to the variables through Data.ImportExcel. Is there a special order for this?

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Hi @thore.nei

Are you sure you need Dynamo for this?
Can’t you just select Entire Column “B”, Find/Replace in Excel?

Hi @Kulkul ,

the excel-sheet should actually remain unchanged. Therefore, I wanted to change the variable only after reading in Dynamo… is it not possible to read a formula with variables in Dynamo?

Could you drop here excel file?

Although this Excel-Sheet is unspectacular, but I would especially like to know how to read in these variables in Dynamo

DIN 18218.xlsx (9.7 KB)