For my thesis - The object's EPD Quantity Type is Undefined and cannot be evaluated

I am trying to calculate the Global warming potential of the Revit elements model but each time it gives me this error: Warning: Compute.RunCaller operation failed. The object’s EPD QuantityType is Undefined and cannot be evaluated, when I use Evaluate Environmental Product Declaration node. I think this is because of the data set global warming potential quantity type which can not be derived or I don’t know why, so please help me.

Hi @nada.mowafy

Not sure how big the BHoM community is on here yet so you might not get an answer for a while. Have you tried asking on the BHoM or BHoM Dynamo Toolkit Github? You may get a response on there quicker perhaps.

Hi Daniel

I tried but unfortunately there was no response, but thank you so much for your response. If you found a solution for this problem, please tell me.

I’ll see if I can ask around, but can’t promise anything I’m afraid. I don’t know BHoM in depth whatsoever, so wouldn’t be able to help you directly.

I had a look at the source code and it says clearly in the interface that if you do not define the quantity type, then it will not be computed, hence the error. But not sure how you’d go about it tbh. BHoM is somewhat a beast of its own. :sweat_smile:

Yeeesss it is :smiley: I will try again and see what will happen hopefully I can do it, thank you.

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