For loop with 2 arguments


i’m kind of new to python, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

I’ve created a definition with some if statements inside. Now when the input is a list I get only 1 value as output, right? So how can I create a for loop in a definition with 2 arguments that will return me the value I need for each value in the list?

Thanks a lot in advance!


You have not uploaded anything, can you show what you’ve tried?

And why do you need python?

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Hi Jonathan,

good point. I just want to learn how this is done in python. With code block it’s pretty simple:
x>=0 && y>=0 ? 0 :
x>=0 && y<0 ? 90 :
x<0 && y<0 ? 180 :
x<0 && y>=0 ? 270 : 0;

But in Python i’ve to use this for loop, otherwise the output is only a single value.


You’re almost there, try instead of using “return” define an empty list in line 9:

output = []

And replace “return …” with:


This should get you going:


great! Thanks

This is a little cleaner, but you get the point :slight_smile: