For & if loop

Can somone tell me what I doing wrong in this loop thanks

You are not using indentation. The line after for, if, elif and else requires an indent.
It should be:

for x in y:
    if z=c:
        answer = 1
        answer = 2


Take a look here:

Also don’t use capital letters for variables (in your case Answer should be answer) and remove the square brackets

I dont understand what is an indent

lucamanzon is right. You need to indent after you started a loop (one “TAB” to the right).
And i if your need only one result, you don’t need to create a list.
If you need a result for every item in the list, use append.

Do you understand what I am trying to write or achive with the loop or is it impossible to understand? How would you write it?


You asked what was wrong and I told you.
This is not a “do my job” forum, I explained you the mistakes so you could learn something :wink: