Floors added by boundary lines read through rhynamo aren't modifiable?!

I used rhynamo to read a bunch of polycurves from a rhino model and then added floors using the “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel”. The floors are put in place nicely without errors. However I can’t adjust each individual floor’s boundary profile. It says constraints not satisfied. Any thoughts?

The problem seems to come from the curve geometries themselves. Many segments of my boundary outlines are polycurves from arcs, joined by straight lines at places. After importing, Revit seems to recognize the segments as constricting each other (perhaps to satisfy arc requirements?), therefore barring me from manually changing boundary outlines. I rebuilt the arc segments as 3 degree NURBS and repeated the import. Boundary lines became adjustable again.

What constraints? The floor relative to another element? Another element relative to the floor?

Can you post the error message and the graph which was used to create them?

I tried the same script without the sorting and list manipulation code block on a simpler file and it was fine. Not sure if the sorting somehow puts a constraints on the curves or the boundary profiles are bad curves…

Ah! I was confused as it sounded like you were modifying existing floors.

Feels like a data management issue, or data overlap issue.

Try using the definition for one floor at a time. List.GetItemAtIndex after the you group by Z value should allow that. Also confirm that you have the correct number of curves per floor plate. This will at least help narrow down where the issue is.

Trying as I type. Meanwhile, the error shown in my screenshot was for a floor put in earlier (by this script of course). It’s already an “existing” floor. Not sure if that makes any difference.

New vs existing does matter.

Can you confirm the sketch elements which are throwing the error are the lines which make up the floor and not something like a ceiling or finish floor which had its lines locked to the slab?

is this what you mean? yes it’s the lines. in fact all segments are part of this error.

Also I don’t know what difference a finish floor makes. Is this the check box on the left that says “structural”?