Floor Slab by points


I’m trying to make a floor definied by XY points which its come from an Excel sheet, in the image below you could check those points on dynamo.

I want to make a floor from those points, so I’ve tried to join them with curves to use the node "Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLeve finally.

The problem comes at time of doing the curves, because if I take the followin routine:

The warning on the node “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” is “Curve join produce more than one WIRE in the Polycurve”.

Then, I cannot make that floor.

I’ve attached the routine and Excel file for you interest.

If any has an idea, this will be greatfully wellcome
floorbypointsXY.dyn (69.0 KB) Perimetro puntos 1m.xls (38 KB)

Do you have a line to connect the two sides? From the picture, it looks like you only have the side lines, nothing that would make it a whole floor.

That is another issue, how can I the line to connect both sides?

You could create a line from each side’s first line start points and then another for each side’s last line end points. Add those into the list of all of the lines and try again.

You could calculate the center of all of your points and then sort your points by clockwise or counterclockwise and then create the curve necessary for your perimeter.

1- Try to prune duplicates … maybe there is duplication in points.
2- Try to sort each line of points by coordinates.
3- You might create surface by perimeter points then thickened it by floor required thickness then use spring nodes package to transfer this solid to Revit file as a family.

I hope one of above solution could help you.

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I would start here, using a Surface.ByLoft to connect the two sides of the curve. You’ll have to make each curve into a Polycurve first. ArchiLab has a helpful node called GroupCurves which will separate the upper and lower curve set for you, then just use a Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves.

After that use a Surface.ByLoft node and then a Surface.PerimeterCurves node. This will ensure that the curves are connected in order And not branching.

Of your polycurves fail to generate then before you draw any lines try the following as noted above in some cases:
Check your geometry scaling.
Use a Point.PruneDuplicates to discard any duplicated data.
Draw a line using a Line.ByBestFitThroughPoints node, and group the points into ‘above vs below’ the line, draw a second line by best fit through each of the sublists, and then get the distance from each point to the start point of the associated line, and sort the sublists by that distance.


how can I calculate the center point of all points?




Thank you very much! :slight_smile: