Floor.Points node not working in one run


I’ve been trying to place floors and then adjust their points with the floor.movepoint node. The script essentially works, but the floor.points node does not work in one run. I have to first run the script and then connect Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel to the Floor.Points node and run it again. Anyone here who knows why this is happening? Flattening, Chopping does not help.

Also another thing i noticed is the Floor.Movepoint node accepts foot instead of mm when working in metric.

It seems to be a problem with creating floors and editing them in one run. The same error occurs if i extract the points in another way and feed them into Floor.Movepoint in one run.

image this doesn’t seem to work

@r.kilsdonk, don’t know if this workaround is suitable for you, but you can try using “Tool.RunMe” node from the SteamNodes package to refresh the part of your graph:

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the reply. This seems to work as a workaround thanks alot!

Sorry guys. Do you know the reason why the node Floor.Points doesn’t compare in my version of Dynamo?

post a picture and your .dyn file please