Floor.Area nod is not supported in ver. 2?

hi, i have loaded the latest Dynamo update 2.0XXXX
i opened one of my program and the node “Floor.Area” got red
and there is a remark that it is not loaded…

Please let me know what should i do? is there an alternative node?

Thanks Hagay.


Have you installed all your packages again in v. 2.0? It looks like the package containing “Floor.Area” is not installed yet.

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the previous version did not required any package installation…
where should i find it? what is the name of these packages and how do i install them?
thanks, Hagay.

Floor.Area is a node from the package Archilab.net so it would require you to install that package.
This was also the case in 1.3.x

Packages can be installed using the “Packages” tab in Dynamo

after installing the package the node changed to gray
but nothing was working …
are there instructions what are the steps of installing new release, i thought is should be smooth…

It should be very smooth, the best way is to record which packages you have in 1.3.x and install these again in 2.0, then restart your machine.
Now it should be working, though as there are several large changes it might be that some nodes have to be replaced/changed. As this is a “standard” custom node the best way of troubleshooting is to copy the content into a test- work-flow and try and find the errors in there rather than the custom node.

As I’m not yet updated to 2.0 I unfortunately cannot be of more help than that.

thanks, the computer restart helped.
what is the way to see the installed packages?

That would be the same location where you just installed the package in the sub-category “Manage Packages”

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