Flatten List but keeping empty list item

New to Dynamo. Sorry for my ignorance.

I’m trying to flatten a list but keep the empty list items. I used Clockwork “List.ReplaceEmptyLists” but it is replace all my lists with N/A. This must be a simple problem. Please help?



Looks like there was a bug in that node which I fixed now. Just download the latest version from the package manager and it should work as expected. In the future, if you find any of the Clockwork nodes behaving oddly, feel free to post an issue here:

(I don’t read all the posts on the Dynamo forum so sometimes I miss Clockwork-related threads…)

Fantastic! Works now. Thanks.

replace empty listsI have a problem. I do not know what to do. before run the dynamo I have downloaded the latest version of clockwork.

earlier it worked fine (about 2 months ago)… or later