Clockwork: List.ReplaceEmptyLists is not working

Hello everyone,

I’m using the List.ReplaceEmptyLists node from the Clockwork package. It worked before but now it seems that it’s not working anymore. I have to replace them because I want to flatten the list but keep the hierarchy, so when I replace it by a string the hierarchy will be the same after flattening.

I already tried setting the lacing to longest but it still won’t work

I hope someone can help me.

That’s a bug in one of the subcomponents of that node.
Thanks for catching this one - the fix will be in the upcoming 1.33.0/2.1.1 release of Clockwork.
In the meantime, you’ll need to update the List.ReplaceItemAtIndex+ node:

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Thanks for your response, do you have any idea when the new release is released?

I’ll probably get it done during the holidays, so expect an announcement on Twitter at the beginning of January.
Current progress here: