Finding why Type parameter is Read-Only & Issues like WorkSet and Assemblies

I think I FINALLY filtered out Elements where the ‘Type Comments’ Parameter was Read-Only. But I’ve not figured just why they are. There was only two elements but I cannot seem to find these in the model… clicking on their ID produces ‘There was no good view could be found’

What conditions exist where this Parameter would be Read-Only?
And what affect does Assemblies and WorkSet in a Worksharred models have on running Dynamo where these conditions exist?

Worksets wouldn’t have any affect. Assemblies might. It could be that the element or sub-element is part of an assembly where some of its parameters are read from the assembly definition and not the individual element. Similarly, I originally thought that the element could be part of a group and therefore the parameter would not be modifiable without first editing the group.

I haven’t looked into this so I can’t say for sure that these are even possible causes but I’m guessing it’s “something along those lines.”

Well it looks like elements within an Assembly gets modified without issue… unless there is some nuance with assemblies where this could happen.
What could I do with these items in a Dynamo graph that are coming up Read-Only in order to learn why… and where they are located?
When I select them by ID in model, I get there is no good view error. If I simply select them to view properties palette, then the ‘Edit Type’ button is grayed out. (I thought that all families have at the least a singe Type… isn’t this correct?

Any other thoughts?

Can you explain what the family and types are?

Could they be shared families loaded into a parent family? It looks like they’re valves so not a system family. Try creating a 3D view with only that category on and see if you can select all instances or otherwise find these elements.

So… in my graph, I first get All Families of Category, then FilterByBoolMask to get all that have the word “Valve” in their name. Then I use these to get their Famiy.Types (see image below)…

It is my understanding that All Families of Category gets only the actual instances in the model. In thinking over the week end, I am wondering if Family.Instances actually gets their defined Types in the file whether inserted in the model or not?

Is there a node to determine if an element ID has an Instance in the model?
… and perhaps these that are coming up ‘Read-Only’ are perhaps not yet inserted in the model?

You’re correct in that Family.Types gets all the defined types in the project, not just the placed instances. But that would not cause the parameter to be read-only. Type parameters are obviously parameters of the family type, not the family instance so they would still be modifiable via the family type definition.

it might be a workset after all

A Family Workset not checked out by a former collegue maybe?


One situation when a parameter is Read Only is when it is being driven by a Formula…

So you are able to work out which families are having the problem… Why not go open them in Revit and have a look? Maybe it’ll be obvious :slight_smile:

If it isn’t you could strip that Revit file down so it just has the family and upload it here?

I just dumped a load of the pipe accessories which ship with Revit into my graph, none are instanced in Revit none of the parameters are read only.

Hope that helps,


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That was the issue. I checked out our project template… the exact same two Elements (matching ID’s) exist and are coming up Read-Only. Editing the Family shows the Parameter to be driven by a formula.

I will have to check into this Workset case before releasing this Dynamo Graph… in my case however, the model file I am using in order to perfect this Dynamo Graph does not have Worksharing enabled.

Looks like Worhsharing has to have been enabled before any worksets showup.

Isn’t this a correct statement?.. Worksharing has to be enabled before a Workset exists. When Worksharing is enabled then a default Workset gets created called WorkSet1. Is this correct?

You are right about Workset1, but more things are prepared for editting the revit file by multiple users at the same time when you activate Worksharing. The Family Worksets are one of those, you use it when you edit a familiy, the family workset for that family gets blocked so no other user can edit the same family at the same time i think.

A parameter should not be listed as read-only when that family workset is checked out though. Read-only is a property of the parameter. It would likely give you a warning that you do not have permission to edit the element.

Usually people make a note at the beginning of the graph to describe what it does and how it should be used.

I would use that to explain that everyone needs be sync’d / released…