How can we get analytical nodes at two ends of analytical Beam

Hi every one. I wonder if there’s a way we can get the analytical nodes at two ends of analytical Beam?

The analytical beam is simply a ‘‘line’’ therefore the startpont and endpoint are what you seek :slight_smile:

You should be aware that a analyical line actually consists of 3 lines (for some reason) and a slight hoop have to be jumped in turning these three lines into 1.

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Thanks a lot Jonathan. I’m new to Dynamo and analytical model in Revit. It would be appreciated if you help me answer some question. Do analytical nodes and beams link together? Do we have the way to know which node are connect to which beam? And can we adjust the beam by moving the node it connect with in Dynamo?

That depends what you are aiming to do, yes, Analytical Beams consists of Analytical Nodes (just like in Revit).

How and why do you wish to move them?
Do the Structural Beams need to move with the Analytical Beams/Nodes?

If you are after moving the elements in Revit you need to use the elements and modify their properties :slight_smile:

I can recommend reading the Dynamo Primer if you have not already as this discuss quite nicely the modification of element properties (As this is basically what you do with Dynamo).

I’m trying to figure out to how to export the analytical model to another analysis software like etabs and keep the link between them by using dynamo, so it’s better to know which node connect with which beam. Can you help me on this one?
It’s very often the analytical elements don’t connect because the eccentricity in physical model, we can manually edit in Revit but I want to know how to do it in dynamo.

I see one question before we get started.

Are you attempting to perform a correction of the analytical model prior to your model transfer, and is it in fact this correction that you’re attempting to perform?

Actually perform a correction of analytical model prior to exporting it is not the only reason I want to do. The main reason is structural analysis software like Etabs manage it element through points. I want to keep the link between points in Etabs with analytical nodes in Revit so when I make some change in either of two models, I can easily update the other automatically. I can do the matching between analytical beam end points with the analytical nodes in Revit like in this link but with the big model it will take time to run the matching. So I wonder if we can get which nodes connect to which beam directly in dynamo without doing the matching. Thanks

To my knowledge the only possibility of gaining this option is to match the reference points of the Analytical Nodes with the Start- and End-Points of the analytical Beams.

Thanks Jonathan. I also used this way to match the points. Seem like it’s the only way to do it.

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I have a question regarding analytical nodes. Is it possible to create analytical nodes on a wall element in order to add a point boundray condition ?