Find out what families are placed onto that mass family

Hello all,
I would like to know if there is a way of knowing which families are placed onto that mass into the project environment.

To be more precise I have modeled a nested Mass on which I placed different structural connection families with different functions, the problem is that when I place the mass inside the project I can schedule all of the elements placed on that mass but I can not find what the is name of the mass, to do that I need to do another schedule for masses and show up the type names.

Anyway, please have a check of the images below, maybe will better explain what I am trying to do.


As you can see on the picture I need to write “somewhere” the mass type name inside the schedule of the structural connection elements. The first thing I am thinking about is to manually type inside the Comments the mass type name (MagliaK_3Lati_14).

This is the scedule of the structural connections:


In order to filter this schedule by “what is the mass you are placed on (type name is fine)” I need to extract the type name from the mass and place it on the structural connection element.

Thanks for your help!

Could you add a screenshot of your graph?

If I select one of the mass types (number 08) I see nothing selected in Dynamo, just to know which mass is of the 15.


On the other hand, if I select one of the elements in the structural framing list, I have 2 selection, the frist one is selection all of the elements of all masses, the other selection selects me just the structural connection element, I would like to select the Whole mass type and then know what structural connections are placed on it.

Selection of everything

Selection of 1 structural connection

I need “something” to connect the mass type name to the structural connection elements. Thanks

Depending on how you placed your elements, there could be no relationship with the mass but a geometrical one. You could simply use all containment test and intersect methods to reach your goal, for instance:
If so, you will find a lot of related threads on this forum.

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I will, thank you!

If you’re interested in intersection methods, see also this:

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Have you tried getting the host for the structural elements?

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yes but there are no usefull informations

I am trying the bimorphnode nodes at the moment :slight_smile: hope to solve the issue with that!

What do you get if you do this though?

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same here @jacob.small

I thought could be a good way to extract all of the points and lines from the mass on one side, then get all the structural connection elements and try to intersect them, but in order to convert the lines and points to solids, working on it at the moment

I have a few ideas, but how the mass and family were built will matter and I don’t want to send you in the wrong direction. Can you share the Revit file, or a portion thereof?

Sure, I am sending you a private message, I will then share the dyn file