Element sorting doubt

Hi community, I have been trying to solve this for a while whit no result and havent found nothing similar in the forum. What I want to do is group a list of elements, according to the value of one of his parameters.

I tried an aprox whit the node pickbyKey and using IDs as keys, this method worked but it doesnt admit duplicated values for the parameter. In this example I want to group the spaces as shown.


Total newbie attempting this but:

Would List.FilterByBoolMask work here? Plug the output of your < node into the mask input and you’ll get two lists - one where the condition is true and one where the condition is false.

You can try using function.compose:


Worked :slight_smile: Thanks! Nice attempt haha

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Does not work for me :confused: it group the rooms but the criteria seems to be different… im gonna give it a try, gonna try to understand function.compose and will tell you. (Maybe units problem) Thanks! mmm, how would you do for X parameter?

several hours, against few minuts in this forum. Great! :slight_smile:

You are getting this result, because for some reason these two nodes are producing different values:

How could I make the function.compose node work whit the “GetParameter” node? Appearently it doesnt.

It is exactly the same thing:

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It seems that not all parameters output a function whit “GetParameters” node. That was my problem. I think now i I got it =) Thanks all. Closed topic.