Find Elements in Area

i am looking to find all elements that fall withing a given Area.
The problem with this is, Looking into the Revit API it does not seem that there is a “IsPointInArea” method like there is for Rooms (IsPointInRoom). If there is a way to do this that i have just missed, this would be the best solution.

What i have had to do in the meantime is to create a surface from the area boundary and then check if Geometry does intersect. Example below:

im struggling to get the bool list length to align with the element list correctly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

difficult to see from the current screenshot, maybe try to put geometry on First level
and put the mask on second level. worked for me in a similar script.

I also thought that might be the case, but swopping the two around gives me the same result.
I have a feeling that in order to get the correct result i need to set my Lacing to Cross Product, but in doing so i have too many Bool values for the “List.FilterByBoolMask” to work correctly

Technically setting Lacing to Longest (Geometry.DoesInstersect node) should work, but the values are clearly wrong, as can be seen in the screenshot below :

There should be exactly 6 False values and 14 True values, but im getting mostly False Values setting Lacing to Longest

I was able to solve the issue with the node below :

see image