Find and replace multiple text lines

I have been set on the task to find and replace all “wrong” spot elevation text in our entire projekt (185.000 m2) there are over 1000 spot elevations in all.

I have been able to get a list of the spot elevations with the wrong text, and get dynamo to open the view where i can see and change it.

I have also been able to make dynamo replace the text with another, but only when i press the spot elevation.

But what i really need is to make dynamo find the “wrong” text in Single/Upper Value Prefix or Suffix and replace both lines text without having to click on every elevation.

My code so far

Dynamo help







Thanks Thomas

Hi Thomas,

First you need to filter your spot elevations “Single/Upper” values then set the values to Single/Upper Value Prefix or Suffix parameters. See below graph. Good Luck!