Filtering rooms from linked file

Good day, everyone! I try to study Dynamo. At the beginning I just copied the scripts to understand of how they work. Now I’m trying to expand the functionality. The idea of creating spaces from arch linked file with rooms and making the name and number the same is very useful. But the isue is that sometimes the linked file is large and I need to devide the whole operation into steps, using filter by levels. How should I use filtering by levels in Garret_Meierbachtol’s solution (attached). I tried BoolMask, but can’t get the correct output. Thanks a lot!!

Should work if you use the level name.

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Thank a lot!I appreciate your help! The process of filtering works, downloaded clockwork package to use Element.Level. But I don’t know why I should close and open the whole script again when I move to the next level and do the same, otherwise it doesn’t work. I’m grateful for your help

That’s standard Dynamo workflow. It’s been covered many times before. Changes to your graph are live changes to the script Dynamo runs, so the modifications show up in Revit. You’re working within a single command so nothing “sticks” until you’ve committed that command by closing your Dynamo session. The way around this is to use Python.

Thank you for clarification!