Filtering List by AutoCAD Link or CAD Import

Hello Dynamo community!

I’m using Dynamo packages to report CAD instances. The Node is pretty straight forward. I can generate a list of Import/Link Instances that provide the elements IDs for AutoCAD Links and Imports within a Revit File.

It also gives a report, with a list combined of both Links/Import with certain information.

What I want to do is to filter that “Report” list, to only show Import CADs with its respective information. So if “Is Linked : False” I want that sublist to show in a final list, with the other info such as ID and Name.

Any tips?

Use List.GetItemAtIndex with list @L2 and index of 2, then String.Contains searching for either “True” or “False”. From there you can use the boolean as a mask with List.FilterByBoolMask

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Thanks for replying.

I tried your solution, but I’m getting this error:


See something wrong?

I would probably just use the OOTB String.Contains node for this, but your list input on List.GetItemAtIndex needs to be @L2


you see the little grey lines on the top side of the string.contains node? it means it is a custom node.
The OOTB version doesnt have that. You need that node


amy beat me she was quicker

OMG. Super ultra THANKS!

Didn’t know List.GetItematIndex has that feature!


@Arturo_Arbaje_Garip You’re welcome! The List@Levels feature is on most nodes! It was introduced with Dynamo 1.2 :slight_smile: here is a blog post about it:

(@Marcel_Rijsmus I’d gotten a notification since I had replied yesterday, that’s the only reason I was quick :sweat_smile: )

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