Filter a list from imported dwg

I have been trying to filter a list from imported dwg. I like to take the middpoint xyz co-oordinets out of the list and create a list with sublist of the xyz. But I cant seem to get them out. I have a list that seem to be classes, functions with paramenters in them. I belive the xyz are paraments but how do I get them out?

Can you preview or watch the ImportedObject.ConvertToGeometries node?


Hi I sloved it but I still confused how I sould use the code as you see in Code Block
it crashes a lot. So can i write lisCir.CenterPoint.X to det the X-point or is it suppose to crash when you do that ?

I don’t have issues with that - might be caused by other aspects of the graph. Can you post the DYN and the files to reproduce?