Filtering a list of elements

I have the above list of elements but i only want the 450 and 600 dia R.C. Piles. How do i filter out the other elements and still have a list of elements i can pass to other nodes

What have you tried so far? There are many ways to filter elements (and tons of examples on the forums already) but it depends on your specific circumstance which might be best.

I have tried everything i can think of (which isn’t a lot) but the main thing i have been trying is List.RemoveIfNot. this asks for the type of element as a string but it doesn’t recognise what i put in.
I assumed i could just put a string “450Ø R.C. PILE (co-ord)” and it would leave all of those elements out.

It would be easier to find what defines the elements you want. A parameter is usually best but the element name can be used as a last resort as well.

i have a family called 450 RC Pile which is inserted into various other families called 1x450dia pile, 2x450dia pile etc., these pile caps are then inserted into my model for the foundation layout and the pile layout. I want to create a schedule of the piles but i don’t want the caps. i do need to keep them as individual elements so i can get the cut off levels and locations (and add in loadings etc later). Both the pile and the cap come under the structural foundation catargory so i just need to take the caps out of the list.

IMO: MEPover’s node Filter Equals is the absolute easiest way, Parameter would be “Family”, and your search value the name such as “450 RC Pile” if that is the sub element that you want to find.

Otherwise: (Contains or == depends what’s there.)

Ah, I’m so glad you’ve asked, this has been bothering me for some time. It’s what @Nick_Boyts said about finding a defining parameter and filtering with parameters (thanks Nick)… Here’s a solution from my end. I simply wanted was to filter the walls from the floors elements. I had also tried many usual filtering methods. Here,I have found the elements parameters and filtered by the “Category” parameter (using String from Object and List.FilterByBoolMask)

Hope this helps and is what you were looking for.

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