FilterBoolMask not working correctly


I trying to understand what is going wrong here, however I cannot figure out why FilterByBoolMask is not working correctly (see image).

The list of rooms contains 7 sublists (all rooms per level).
The mask contains 7 lists with multiple sublists (all rooms per area per level).
The FilterByBoolMask does not filter correctly all booleans, and so returns not all rooms.
In this case it returns 255 + 5 = 260 rooms instead of the 278 which it should for this level…
Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hi !
Given the booleans doesn’t come from the lsit you are filtering, did youi check that the number of booleans match the number of rooms at the same level of the list ?

Yes, I have checked if the booleans from the ContainmentTest match the rooms from the SortByKey list. Something is going wrong in the FilterByBoolMask.
That is why I do not understeand what is happeling

Are you sure you need to keep the “nested list structure” on the input mask of the filter node ?

Yes, because this way the rooms per area will be checked.
Without the nested list structure this is not possible

I can see the combination mode is set on “longest”…maybe you should keep it on “auto”

No this unfortunately doesnot work:

I tried all options (auto, shortest, longest, crossproduct).
Longest works, however is not consistant with the boolean list all the time…

I think by using cross product lacing it works.
Still getting empty lists, however this could be correct while not all area’s have rooms yet.

@Francois_Labonne: Thanks for your quick answers and help