Filter sublist

Hey all,

I’m wondering how I could filter a sublist by element type.

I’m feeding a list of views to the elements in view(s) node giving me a list of the views with sublists of all the elements in the view. I’m then trying to filter that list to just contain the walls in each view. I was trying to filter the results using element name but being in a sublist I can’t get the any results. I edited the python script in the element name package from the clockwork package to accept a sublist but it return a flattened list so not quite what I want either.

Does anyone know how I would filter the list using dynamo nodes or how to return items from an input sublist in the same form it was received.


Filter sublist

Hi Jimmy,

Remove and connect your python list with “string from object” see below example.



The easiest thing would probably be the “RemoveIfNot” node with lacing set to longest:


Thanks guys, both worked perfectly