Filter out Schedules and Views by AssociatedAssemblyInstanceID parameter

Hello everyone,

I hope that I will find anyone who can help me to answer some questions regarding Schedules and Views of Assembly.

We all know that it is pretty easy to create pipe or fitting schedule of the elements that belongs to specific assembly.

But is there a way to filter out these schedules or views by assembly name? Let’s say using node based version, since I’m not very familiar with python scripting.

2020-03-29 08_44_04-

I decided to check what’s ‘inside’ of this schedule using Revit Lookup add-in and here we go! Associated Assembly Instance is the parameter I can’t see using regular Element.Parameters node. And it means that I can’t filters these schedules and views out as I want.

2020-03-29 09_36_14-AssociatedAssemblyInstanceId Property

I guess, there is no way to get this done without a python code. What are your thoughts? Do you know any packages that I can use?

Anything helps.


Was easier than I thought it is. Thanks to package node “Get Built In Parameter”, I was able to retrieve information of element’s built in parameter VIEW_ASSOCIATED_ASSEMBLY_INSTANCE_ID. This is exactly what I was looking for some days ago.

Right now everything is straight forward with filtering schedules and views out. Case is closed.