Filter elements for a list


I am new to Dynamo and i want to do something “simple”, i think. But i get stuck with every try.

I need to make a Ductlist with the Width and Height in excel.I get a problem with the round ducts,I dont need them in the list so i need to filter them out. Anybody has an idea how to make this possible?

DuctFilter.dyn (5.5 KB)

Thank alot.
Any reason why it gives the values in inch?
Project settings are for sure in mm.

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That’s a long standing issue concerning MEP elements
You can use the node you’ve used in your graph instead (GetParameterAsProjectUnits)

Hmm ok now it gives me the right measurement but it doesnt filter out the zero values.

@Gerbenluyckx Retain the first and change only the last Element.GetParameterValueByName to GetParameterAsProjectUnits

If that doesn’t work, you might have to do a unit conversion at the end to obtain the desired values

Change the x != “” code block to x != null
The GetParameterAsProjectUnits outputs a null if it can’t find that parameter.


Ok i am getting there :slight_smile:
Now everything is working except the export to excel. It doesn’t export everything and it uses rows instead of columns.

I sort of fixed the problem. By repeating the first filter for every parameter and then put it in a list.
Thanks alot, this helped me alot!