Filter domestic hot water pipes by exterior - interior

Good day everyone!

So i made a dynamo that lets you filtrate pipes by type of use like domestic hot water, and i get to export it to excel, so until now perfect.

Buuut now what i need to know is which of those pipes goes through the outside of the building, and which goes through the inside.

At the start i thought, well all those who are at the basement are going to be exterior. But then i quickly realized that in the first floor, the building is cut on 3, so I’ll need to count those pipes as exterior as well

What would you do? I am still trying to figure out how to make a filter that can work in any of the next three cases
1 - It will be probably a MEP model linked to a central model (it might have linked rooms, walls etc.)
2 - The model MIGHT NOT have walls/Rooms at all because the links are broken, and this is just a
MEP model.
3 - Full revit model with all on it (this would be weird though)

I know there might not be a good answer for the second, but maybe i could tell the BIM subcontractors how to work in advance to be able to sort this kind of data.

It would be great to hear suggestions or ideas, i was thinking on filter by rooms, something like if the pipe is inside a room --> interior, but that will not always work and i think there might be problems with the false ceiling room boundaries :thinking::thinking:

  1. Make one mass of the envelope and select it in Dynamo. Be sure you wind up with a solid - if not convert it. You’ll need the envelope’s exterior items to do so, but it can be done rather quickly in what is a manual process for most models.

  2. Get the location of all pipes, and ask if they intersect the solid, of no, these are entirely exterior. Use a filter by book mask node to clean them up.

  3. Convert the envelope solid into a polysurface. Take the location of all pipes (using the IN filter from #2) and ask if they intersect the polysurface. Those which do are both interior and exterior, those which do not are interior only.

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