Capturing the exterior mesh of revit object (building)

hello all, trying to determine if it is possible to create a mesh of just the exterior of a building created in revit. essentially a shrink-wrap. ive been working with the mesh toolkit package and but cant crack it as im picking up all the interior contents and exterior wall layers. are my efforts better spent worrying about the export element from revit (like turning off the interior elements) and heavy post production?

Python is probably where i need to go but that’s over my head. The end use is a watertight object for 3D printing. Can this be accomplished or is this a pipe dream? thanks for any and all insight.

Sadly no answer from me, but I’d love to see a workflow for this. It would be an incredible timesaver for 3Dprinting (as currently cleaning up larger Revit models is mildy put rather time-consuming)