Filter By Categories


How can I filter a list by Categories and retain the list index order? All of my values seem to be False.


You could try:

And then play around with lacing and list levels.


I tried all of the variations for lacing using your set up but I couldn’t get the result that I was after. I ideally want a list with True/False for each item in the sublists. i.e. in the top list the first listed item is ‘Pipe Fitttings’ - since this is present in the bottom list the first item in the List.Contains should be a level 2 ‘True’.

I would like to retain the same sub-list format of the top list.

You need a combination of lacing and list levels for this one :slight_smile:

I’m trying all the different combinations…it’s taking a while…

I can try and illustrate when I get to a pc later today :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks…home time for me so I’ll try to tackle it again on Monday…

Hi @Ben_Veasey

Here are some other possible ways to filter…

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3