Filter areas by areaPlan name

Hi! I supposed that this would be easy to solve, but I can’t find a method to filter areas by their arePlan name.

I have a bunch of areaPlans with different areas in them; all the plans have the same Scheme and same level, so the only way to distinguish them is trough the name. They area Gross areas, so I can’t change the areaPlan Scheme without losing them. And I need to get in dynamo the areas filtered by their areaPlans’ names. I have figured two ways to do this, but I’m stuck with both:

  1. Get the areaPlans by name and get the areas contained in them.
  2. Get all the areas and filter by some ¿inside? parameter that tells me in which areaPlan are they located.

Any ideas?

Hi morph,

Below dynamo program might be useful to you. Get the room/spaces by category and get their names and areas .

Hi, Harsa!
This does not solve my questions, I need to filter by areaPlan Name, not Area (measure) or Area’s Name.