Filter and changing plan views parameters

I am trying to use Dynamo to change the parameters of new floor plans to move to the proper place. Do anybody know of a way that I can filter the views so the floor plans will move to 00. GENERAL and the power plan will move to 02. POWER and the lighting plan will move to 03. LIGHTING.
I was able to move all of the floor plans at once but I can’t figure out to filter it so I can move only the floor plans or the power plans or the lighting plans. How I can filter it before setting the parameter to those views? What I am trying to do is to filter the floor plans by their view names and move them to the proper place. The sample below has no filter in it so all of the floor plans will move to 00. GENERAL.


How do you know if a view is a Power plan or a Lighting plan? Use that parameter to group your views. Then you can set the SE-discipline for each group.

Thank you Nick. I used the filter views with two criteria from Bakery and was able to separate them.