Filter a specific row from excel

Hallo everyone,

I got an excel sheet and try to get coordinates from it. The problem is to mark every point like the “100” with an individual family.
x y z number
1 1 0 100
1 2 0 100
1 4 0 100
2 1 0 300
2 2 0 300

That is for example why I am trying to filter the 100 and get only the rows with their coordinates

I can filter the numbers but will not get their coordinates to bind them to a familyinstance

Sorry my english isn´t the best but I hope you will get my problem

Hi :slight_smile:

Instead of connecting your last row to the list input of List.FilterByBoolMask, why not connecting your coordinates ? I think that should do the trick.

If this does not work, you can also use List.IndexOf in conjunction with List.GetItemAtIndex.

Hey mellouze,

did not expected you are this fast. Thank you so much, what an easy sollution :smiley:
Is there a way to do the marked code without using clockwork package?

You can double click on the node and copy/paste its content in your graph, but, unless you are 100% sure on what it does, I would recommend keeping the custom node. The nodes of custom packages can be frequently updated (even when Dynamo itselfs or Revit updates).