How to scan excel to get specific value

Hi all,
I am new to use Dynamo, I have a data in excel, all i want is to go inside the excel table using 2 values as input, and get one value as output for each element in Revit.

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You can use “FilterByBoolMask” node along with “==” node. You can use search bar on top to get examples how to filter lists.

Hola JohnGhaly, tal vez este enlace te sea de ayuda How to read a specific cell from Excel?

Thanks All, i got it
But i have a small issue.
now i have 2 lists with 65 sub list each, i need to scan the List 1 ( Values ), and get the value corresponding to the index token from list 2 ( Index ) for each sub list as shown in first image

i used & list.get item at index, but dynamo did it for every item as shown in second image


Is this what you are looking for?

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Yes, same concept of this :+1: