Filter points from the list - help needed!



Hello everybody!
I’m trying to filter points from that list:
I would like to have a new list with the lowest x value for every y value.
Any ideas? Mine are over…


this might help: Lowest/Highest values


but how can I ask dynamo to select the lowest one?


Hi @monika.binkowska33

What do you mean by lowest one. Are you trying to get the nearest point to other geometry?


Hello :slight_smile:
No, I want to have list with this points:


@monika.binkowska33 If you need all last indices then all you need is “List.LastItem” node:


Wow thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know tkat comand :sweat_smile: Thank you!



Any tip on how to find a list of point cloud points and compare those points to the nearest modelled geometry, then colourise for compliance or tolerance, say nearest green, furthest red etc.?


I don’t think your question really relates to this (rather old…) topic so you may get told off about that (again), but here you go :slight_smile:

PointSort.dyn (31.4 KB)



Many thanks for your reply.

I shall look at what you have posted properly a little later today.

I didn’t think it made sense to post a new post for something that relates. But maybe it is a parallel question.

Many thanks once again.


To filter by values use the “List.SortByFunction” node :slight_smile: