Filter a list by Parameter

I have a script where Dynamo takes the area of a filled region and inputs the area into the DEAP_PHPP Area. However, I would like to filter this list to only take the area from filled regions with a particular parameter.
Any help appreciated!

You can grab all the filled regions with the Element Types and All Elements of Type nodes.

We can’t see the warning.

The warning is as follows

Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string

and it comes up because the script cannot run when there are filled regions grouped in the project

The _DEAP_PHPP Area_ parameter type should be Area.

@wma_sfenton There are two things.

  1. Check your parameter storage and make sure you feed those by storage type.
  2. Your values list and elements list should match.

Could you show complete graph with their values.