Filled region offset from column - HELP the noob :)

Hi fellow Dynamo’s

I’m trying to make a simple script, which should make a filled region around a column with an offset on 1 meter.

But when I’m trying to do the offset, it doesn’t work :frowning:

What is it I’m doing wrong ?

// Martin

PS Thanks for a great website !

What kind of error last node throws?
Do you see the offset geometry in Dynamo? Does it work?

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I get a “FilledRegion.bycurves operation faild. To BSPlineCurve Not implemented” ?

yes I can see the geometry both in Dynamo and Revit.

And yes it works without the offset ?


The source of the problem "Curve. Offset " to "PolyCurve. ByJoinedCurves " and divide it with "PolyCurve. Curves " again.
Please see the example.

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First of all, THANKS for replaying, I appreciate that !!!

Second, I think this way of “coding” dynamo is next level for me :S

Third, when I do the same as you it still doesn’t work for me :frowning:



Just add the following to your own chart without ever touching it.