File name output for archi-lab Export Image by View

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I am hoping to get clarity on how to control the file naming output for the archi-lab node Export Image by View. When I export images, it inserts the view type as a prefix to the view name which is then part of the image file name:


I prefer to generate a file name that directly matches the view name without the view type prefix. Is there possibly a step I have missed to control this within the view or file path inputs?

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This node creates a temporary view set in order to export all the input views together (the same way views would be exported normally as images). As a result it cannot name the views internally.

Maybe try building the paths for the images, given you know how they will be named and use the ‘Rename’ node from Orchid to catch the newly created files and rename them after they’re exported. You may need to build in a mechanism to delay the data such as a Pythonic timer or a 2 stage script where you enable/disable portions of the script to run two parts.

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I am just doing what Anthony has been looking to do, but this doesn’t seem to do anything for me.
i don’t get any images created :frowning:

I tried opening a revit project instead of a family file to see if that would work but it would not.

any help would be appreciated.

Some of of your nodes have missing inputs. If their header isn’t dark it wont run.

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Hi Gavin thank you for your response. you are correct I was missing the directionType.

I managed to get it to work, the issue was that I had one view selected and had ‘Export Range’ set to ‘set of views’. i had to switch it to ‘Current view’.
Sadly you cannot specify the view you want to export you have to export the current view or more than one ‘set of views’. i am running this script on the Birdtool multiplayer. so that i can do this in batch across my families.

I am now trying to create a 3D view and a plan view called Thumbnail so that i can use the set of views setting.

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