Export Image by View

Attached is the workflow from Archi-Lab to export floor plans to .jpg /.png etc. The “Export Image by View” node is consistently reporting null or “system.drawing.bitmap”. I have tried multiple workarounds, methods and other nodes and am at a loss. How can exporting a small batch of images to a folder be so difficult??

instead of directory path i think it should be file path

Tried folder path and file path - still no result.

You have your image resolution plugged into zoom percentage?

Hi Mark,

All of the nodes are plugged into the correct boxes but it may be my Dynamo package version. Which version of archi-lab nodes are you running?


All of the nodes are plugged into the correct boxes

They are not in your image… Try this maybe?


Are you saying you have corrected your graph and it still isn’t working?

Could you post the corrected version?

Here’s mine…

ExportImageByView.dyn (8.4 KB)



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is possible to create images from views of project links as well?


I interpret your question with 2 possible meanings :slight_smile:

  1. The view in the current document contains the link…
    Yes I expect so

  2. Background open the link, export it’s views…
    Yes I expect so, but you might need to edit the node so you can feed the link doc.

Perhaps you can post your goal? And your working so far?



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Hello Mark, I wish to have the option 2, the archilab node with access to link files to access to the views stored in other files of Revit at once, like GeniusLoci package has in many nodes

Hello, I am trying this node with a list of views, but I get an error, it cannot find the len(views):

I am feeding the wrong data? Is it not “CurrentView” maybe?

thank you



Did you solve it?
I’m getting the same error:

try to add a List.Create node


Thanks! It seems that the node takes only lists as argument

Hello, good afternoon, I am trying to create the export of 3D views of several * rvt documents, with the inconvenience in the node, “Export Image by View” which is giving me an error. . Since I apologize for the English, I am using the Google translator from Spanish to English.