Fatal error

Hi, I installed Revit 2018 now.

And I’m trying download some packs…

Some packs was possible, but some packs, i got this error… Packs with error: BEAKER, DATA-SHAPES, RHYTHM, SPRING NODES.

I was using until yesterday, Revit 2017, and all this packs was working.

Is anyone can help me?

Not a great solution, but as a workaround, try a manual download and dropping them in the packages folder yourself.

maybe you havent deleted revit and dynamo properly…

if nothings helps, try to erase revit 2018 and dynamo. Autodesk has a automatic programm for erasing (uninstall tool)
than look in your system if every revit stuff is deleted

Hi, @JacobSmall! How do I do it?

Go here: https://dynamopackages.com

Download the packages you’re looking to use.

Navigate to your local packages folder (in Dynamo this can be found by going into the settings menu, and clicking on manage node and package paths).

Extract the downloaded package to this location.

Restart Revit and Dynamo and your newly downloaded packages should show up.