Familytype.bygeometry suddenly does not work anymore

Hi everyone, family type by geometry suddenly gives warning that solid is wrong type. This graph always ran smoothly without warning, just until last night suddenly the node gave me this warning and did not run anymore. Did i run it too much and messed it up? Thanks


Material.ByName appears to have been swapped for a Material.Name node since I last saw this graph. I think that I f you want to use the material drop down, that should be able to be wired directly into the Family.ByGeometry node.

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Hi Jacob, I realized that. I used that drop down with material/name for ‚ÄúSetelementsParameterbyname‚ÄĚ and thought same method would apply with the family.bygeometry node haha ^^. Thanks for all the help I finally got my full graph done. i appreciate your help very much.

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