FamilyType.ByGeometry place by original point

Hello, I can make a family instance from a solid (profile along sweep). But when I place the family at the startpoint of the sweep is has a translation (in the Revit project).

If I open the family it explains the translation, the origin of the family is not the centre of the start punt of the sweep but a point at the boundary.

Is it possible to place the created family instance exactly on the original solid?

Update 18-03-19:
What I did:
In a Revit Project I have a linked CAD with a 3D polyline. I use that line and a profile to make a sweep in Dynamo:

Than I made a family instance from the solid in Dynamo and placed it on the start point of the sweep:

what am i seeing? i mean is this the family or the project its in?
can you show what you have tested?

Hello Marcel,
I updated the post.
Greetings, Marcel

you can build a line-based family with the profile in it and place it along the 3d line.
Use the FamilyInstance.ByCurve node for this

You’ll need to measure an angle from the origin to the min point of your geometry and add that to your final instance placement point. When the team re-created the node from spring nodes, they decided they don’t want to place an instance and omitted that part of the code.

is there an easy way to control insertion point and rotation?
after i used FamilyType.ByGeometry to create family type and then insert to Revit by FamilyInstance.ByPoint, it’s not at Solid.Centroid, look like it’s LowLeft corner of bounding box and also rotated, any workaround?

Hi! I fixed it by using the min(x), min(y) and min(z) for all of the vertices in the model, as the insertion point of the family is created there, so if you want to locate the mass correctly you have to translate the insertion point from the centroid to the min(x,y,z) of the geometry. I hope this helps!

Does anyone happen to know how to use place the family instance on the same place of the geometry that originated it? I’m trying to extrude some shapes from a dwg linked in the model,but i can’t get the family made in the same place of the geometry.