FamilyInstance.Space and Element.Name+

Hi ,
With “FamilyInstance.Sapce” and “Element.Name+” I can extract space name and number from “All Elements of Category” and so push information in parameter in family.
But Python return only one string = Space Name and Space number
How can I separate in two to write two parameters one for Name and one for Number ?
daniel OLIVES
French user - LYON

Hello. Can you post a picture of what you get from the python?

The python is in CLOCKWORK ELEMENT.Name+ node.

Can you take a picture in Dynamo of the output of that node?
This area after running the script.

Hi Kennyb6,
Space Name in green and space number in red

WSP_02_Copie_EspaceNom_EspaceNumero2Parameter_AllCat_V2.dyn (24.8 KB)

I find how to put image and file

Code block:
[x[0],x[1]+" "+x[2]];

Would this work?

This would probably work for you better:

Hi Kenny,
Thank’s for your help.
I just need that architec name room without space in name or without space in number code
I specify this to him.

If you don’t want the space in the number code, use this in the code block:
[x[0], x[1]+x[2]];

Note that you will have problems with the nulls in your output of Element.Name+. You should filter them out before doing this.