FamilyInstance placing


We have a problem with the FamilyInstance placing in Dynamo.
When changing the Inputs for this Node it does not update the location/direction/levels like it should.

Please see it in the Screencast Video below:
Its just one example. - If we reconnect the Connectors it updates correctly
I hope you can see the video in the link.

How can we automatically place the Families correct, without deconnecting and connecting the Connectors?
Any Help would be appreciated.

Does it work when you close the graph and reopen, meaning, does it work on your first run?

Do not run on Automatic but rather on Manual mode.

If so you need to make sure the entire workset is updated, this is best done with the SpringsUI.Refresh node.

It doesn’t have to be connected to anything and simply forces a rerun of the entire graph and all nodes.

The cause of the problem is to my understanding that a node will not update the internal “datastore” unless a change happens that actually (directly) effects it.

yes on the first run it places everything at the correct position.

Okay that sounds good thanks. But I tried out and everytime clicking on “Refresh” this message appears and dynamo closes…

Details? Make sure to submit that bug to the GitHub.

I uploaded to GitHub.
It is my first time uploading something on GitHub so hopefully I have done everything right?

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