Familyinstance.Location not updating when drawing changes


I am writing a dynamo script that analyzes spatial relations in a room between windows, doors, walls, etc…

One of the things I need to know is the position of the entrace of the room. I have a family called entrance and when using FamilyInstance.Location for the first time in Dynamo it will give me as result a point A. So far, so good.

The problem comes when i move the entrance to a new location… instead of updating the point according to the new location, the result stays the same. No matter where i put the entrance the point given as a result will be point A.

Does anyone know why this happens?

This is because the input to the location node didn’t change. Add a toggle switch that changes nothing to the beginning of your graph. Run preview mode will also show you what nodes will update so it’s easy to ID the coming changes.

Opening and closing the graph will also update the value.

Thanks, I get it now. I’d wish we could decide on wich nodes refresh and whichones not.