Load and place families

Hi guys,
Maybe I found some errors in Dynamo.

What I want to do is loads some families and place their on base point(0,0,0)

I thought this is very simple,
but this result is a bit weird.

this is my graph.

I loaded all families and place them.

04.Load Families (v.191106).dyn (28.9 KB)

So I tried place them manual,
this result is right.

is this really error? or I missed something?

i saw your graph.
Can you try with only one node familyinstace.bypointandlevel
freeze other 2 nodes of familyinstance.

Now try!

Thanks, Nissal.
you know I already tried it.
and I found the reason why it happened.

this is because language problem.
I changed revit language KOR to ENG,
perfectly working.:smiley:

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