Family Work Plane

Hi All

I am struggling to find a method in the Revit API that allows me to retrieve the internal horizontal work-plane of a family as a plane object in Dynamo. Is this possible?
I know there is a Reference(element) method in the API, but I want a base plane I can use to host other objects.
It would also be ideal if I could retrieve the plane in the orientation as drawn in the family.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @bayowindapo,
Use the FamilyInstance Reference Plane nodes of the Genius Loci package. There are several nodes in the Reference category of the package.

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Many thanks, Alban. I didn’t realise your package had that functionality. Thanks.

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hello @Alban_de_Chasteigner I tried this

but the result that I get it is not what I expected, the plane that I see effectively is telling me the axis X,Y,Z as the internal coordinate system of the family, but if it is rotated in the project I do not have idea, how to know where is its family internal coordinate system in relation witht the project coordinate system?

for example this is a test with a family with internal coordinate system as sketched in this screenshot, and you see how is the coordinate systme of the project based on looking the Autodesk 3d view cube.